Wedding Photography Guide – Choosing the right wedding photographer


Here’s a useful wedding photography guide to help you choose the right wedding photographer. We’ve included a list of some of the important questions that sometimes get overlooked when brides and grooms are shopping around for a wedding photographer. Getting cheap wedding photography or low wedding photography prices shouldn’t mean that the service you receive is below par or “cheap” in itself! Better find out about these important facts before the wedding rather than leave it to chance and live to regret it…


8 questions to help you choose the right wedding photographer

Do I get a signed wedding photography service contract before a deposit is paid, which protects my rights?

Check the integrity of the wedding photographer. Are invoices and contracts issued and can he/she provide reliable clients’ testimonies?

Will you take photos in the style that I want?

Don’t just take their word for it, always check their portfolio! Many wedding photographers claim that they can shoot pictures in any style, but can their portfolio support their claim? Always ask the wedding photographer if he’s comfortable with the specific style YOU require, not in the style they want (or are accustomed to). Do you feel that he/she is flexible enough to happily take directions from you, or does he/she give the impression that they think they know better?

Can I print images without restriction?

Or would I incur additional costs past a certain limit?

Will the photographer take full advantage of the unique features of my wedding venue?

Although professional photographers tend to be knowledgeable about wedding venues, you still want to ensure that the photographer takes full advantage of any distinguishing features. For example, does the venue boast a “show stopper” feature that makes it unique or memorable in its own right, like a particular architectural design, some kind of organised activity or any outstanding grounds and gardens? You certainly don’t want these “photogenic gems” to be missing or near absent from your wedding pictures, so make sure the photographer will use them on the day as a backdrop or setting for some of the shots, and as often as you require.

Do you have a back up plan in place in case you have an emergency on the day?

Anyone can fall ill or fall victim to an event out of their control. An organised, professional firm, should always tell you their contingency plans to cater for such events. The last thing you want is to have the wedding photographer cancel on you just days (or hours!) before the wedding.

What equipment do you carry?

Do he/she carry back-up equipment in case of mechanical failure?

How long is the actual coverage of the wedding?

Is there an additional cost to cover the wedding photography from bridal prep through to the first dance?

Can I give you a “shot list” of guests that I want photographed?

You know your family and friends, the photographer doesn’t. It’s always a good idea to prime the photographer before the event by giving him/her a list of the people you really want to be photographed so the bulk of your wedding pictures feature the people who are the most important to you.

Of course, this wedding photography guide isn’t exhaustive.

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