Couple shots are not restricted to photographs of only the bride and groom. Any two people can be part of the couple in these photos. The purpose and beauty of this style is that each photo reflects the unique relationship and dynamics of the pair being photographed. Just as no two people are alike, no two photographs are alike even when the pose may seem similar. Each photograph portrays a myriad of emotions and connections between the people in the picture. This is part of what makes these photos so unique and special.

These photos are ideal for capturing memorable moments with a close friend or family member on your wedding day. Get special photos of you and your mother or father – or perhaps a favourite aunt or cousin. Remember the day in a photo with your best friend or someone in your wedding party. Of course, they’re also popular for photographs of the bride and groom at the altar and after the ceremony. Whoever you choose to immortalize the day with in this photo, you’re guaranteed to be happy with the results.