Portraits are always a popular, and necessary, part of your wedding photography. They’re great for showing a person’s individual character and our skilled photographers are experts at identifying people’s unique features. On as important a day as your wedding, portraits are even more important and should only be entrusted to professionals like us.

What makes a portrait photograph truly spectacular is how the person is posed in the picture. Any pose that is forced or stiff rather than natural and relaxed is not going to result in great photographs. No bride or couple wants to look back on awkward and rigid photographs when remembering this occasion; you want an intimate reflection of how the person truly felt at that precise moment. This is exactly what Your Wedding Photography delivers every time.

We not only understand the elements of a great portrait photograph, but also have the skills and expertise to guide you during the process to ensure that you get the photograph you want. Trust us: You want the experts in Portrait Photography and we’re exactly that.