It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your wedding photography album should only consist of carefully posed photos. After all, every bride and her family wants a specially compiled selection of photos of herself, her groom, and her friends and family all looking their best on this special occasion. But don’t be so quick to write off natural photographs, too.

There are many fantastic and, most importantly, authentic moments at weddings that are caught in natural photographs. These are the pictures that really show what is happening on the day. They’re the action shots, the feelings, and the heart of the day.

If you really want to remember your wedding day – or perhaps even see things you may have missed the first time – these are the photos to choose.

Natural shots doesn’t automatically mean that the photo will be unappealing. In fact, you may even be surprised to discover that many of your favourite photographs are those that are taken spontaneously rather than formally posing for the camera. It’s a great choice for genuine photos that you’re guaranteed to love.