It’s so easy to forget about the little people at weddings, but wedding photography is not only for the grown ups. Kids can also have a great time at weddings and parents always want photographs of their children to look back on – especially if they’re in the wedding party themselves.

Those cute little flowergirls and page-boys are an adorable touch to any wedding party. They don’t only add to the ceremony of the day though; they’re just as delightful in the photographs after the day ends.

The best part of photographing children is that they’re so honest and open. Kids have just as much personality as adults without the fear and hesitating of revealing their true selves. If you really want to know how the day was enjoyed by these guests, just take a look at their photographs. Their laughter is real, their smiles are broad, and their happiness is genuine. It’s a great reminder of your special day and one that you’ll definitely want in your wedding portfolio.