The amount of planning that goes into every wedding means that there are always lots of details involved. In the excitement of the day, with so much happening, it’s easy to miss these details.

Up Close photography gives you a chance to see and remember all of the details you carefully chose and the ones you may not have even been aware of. It can be close up shots of your clasped hands with rings, the detail on your wedding cake, or even the way the catering has been displayed. Whatever the details, we’ll find the ones that you’ll want to remember for a lifetime and ensure that they’re included in the album.

Enjoy the laced detail of your wedding gown or the carefully selected flower arrangements on the tables long after the day ends. Up Close photographs will capture your rings that symbolize your commitment to one another, figurines on your cake, the details in the icing, or the unique wedding symbolia that you’ve included elsewhere. Don’t let the little things be ignored in your wedding photography – after all, it’s the little things that count.