Wedding photography is an important part of every couple’s special day. Of the different styles of photography, the classic style is often the most important part of the album – and can also be the most challenging for an inexperienced photographer.

Classic photography requires a thorough knowledge of how to pose people and keep them in those poses while taking the shots without making guests uncomfortable. These are the posed photographs that couples really want in their album. They’re the group photos of the families, the wedding party, the girls only, or even just the couple. In short, they’re the posed photos that you invest time in and expect quality results.

Your Wedding Photography has mastered the ideal balance between providing clear instructions for classic photos without being demanding on guests. The experience is fun for everyone and produces the desired results without compromising in any area.

As you can see from the gallery of classic style photos, there are numerous variations for aesthetically pleasing results. After all, no wedding album is complete without these classic photos!