Venue: The Harrow Hotel, 12-22 Pinner Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 4HZ

Ellie and her groom know each other since childhood and their love grew with time. Their life was not easy at all and they grew up faster than supposed to be. Many times the destiny was hard with them, but every time they managed to cross over. The more difficult it was, the more their love was growing! The understanding and the respect between them and their great love helped them to make their dream come true. Ellie and her groom – two people who born for each other and fought with all forces to be blessed by God.

Their marriage was indeed blessed by God at the Roman Catholic Church of St. Sebastian and St. Pancras in London. The wedding reception took place at the Harrow Hotel in Harrow, Middlesex – an elegant wedding venue, with warm and professional welcome within its beautiful surroundings. Every time I am going to a new wedding and I see the location is somewhere with beautiful landscapes and amazing natural backdrops, I know from the beginning that the wedding photography session will be a blast!

I felt great with them; I was treated with great respect and seriousness and they have collaborated well at the wedding photography session. It was a pleasure to be the wedding photographer of so pleasant and honest people.

It was truly one of the coolest weddings this year and everyone had a great time, including me. Good music, nice people, and much fun!

Ellie and her groom – thousands of thanks for the way in which I was received, but especially for the patience with which you expected these pictures. I hope that what I photographed will be memories that you want to keep forever in your hearts and your wedding photography album!