Venue 1: Fielding Avenue, Twickenham, TW2 5LY

Venue 2: St Edmunds, St Edmunds Lane, 213 Nelson Rd, Whitton, TW2 7BB

It was another gorgeous wedding with bright colours, happy couples, romance, playful guests and great wedding photography. This time, I was off to Middlesex for the wedding of Steven and his gorgeous bride.

As wedding photographer, my first stop was – of course – the bride’s house to get photos of her transformation from everyday to princess for the day – and what a transformation it was! She really did look like a princess by the time she was ready to head to the church for the ceremony. I particularly like the mini-production line of the bridesmaids all getting ready for their role in the events, too.

Once ready, we headed to St. Edmunds for the ceremony. The Parish of Whitton is situated in the Upper Thames Deanery. It was founded in 1934 by the Edmundite Fathers (Society of St Edmunds). The first church was built in 1935 and the new church was consecrated in 1972.

It was great to see some tradition at this wedding and the wedding photography captured it very nicely. Religion and tradition are important to this couple and I really wanted to reflect that in the wedding photography.

I also really loved the idea of “celebration bubbles.” The idea is creative and perfect for couples who don’t really want to serve alcohol at their weddings. It’s always refreshing to work with such innocent couples who are also very genuine. Just have a look at the wedding photography to see how genuine and innocent Steven and his bride are.

The reception was also held at St. Edmunds and the couple and their guests were clearly comfortable in this venue. When the formalities were all covered, it was time to celebrate and party in style with their guests – and trust me: many of the guests were only too willing to party and have a good time as you can see for yourself in the wedding photography.