Venue 1: St Mary’s Church, Acton

Venue 2: Oakington Manor Drive, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 6NF

Kelly-Ann and Jermaine are a lovely couple who were really great to work with. I enjoyed being the wedding photographer for their big day. Something that really stood out for me on the day – and also in this couple’s wedding photography – are their fabulous smiles! I can’t remember when I last saw two people smile so broadly and so genuinely and this really highlights their other features. They’re a gorgeous couple and they look fantastic in their wedding photography.

Jermaine, in particular was a blast to work with. Usually, wedding photography focuses more on the bride or the couple together because, as we all know, most of us consider a wedding to be a bride’s big day. Also, grooms tend to be less concerned with wedding photography, but Jermaine and his groomsmen were really excited to be a part of everything.

It’s not hard to see that Kelly-Ann has found a great, fun-loving guy who must be hilarious to spend time with! However, let’s not be too hasty. As the wedding photography clearly shows: Jermaine looks like the cat that got the cream and the best of it!

The couple chose Oakington Manor Drive as the venue for their reception after being married at St. Mary’s Church in Acton. Both venues were great choices and complemented the couple’s personalities and style. Oakington Manor Drive is actually part of the primary school, but is a separate function hall for hire. All of the profits go directly to the school to support the services that it provides to students.

I know I’ve already said this, but this smiling couple rocks! Everything about them screams fun and happiness, which made working with them as a wedding photographer and doing their wedding photography a treat rather than a job.

Jermaine and Kelly-Ann: Thanks for being so cool. I had a blast! Congrats again on your marriage!