Your wedding only lasts a day. Once the day ends, you have only your memories and wedding photography to remind you of this occasion. This means that your wedding album is too important a part of this life event not to be handled by professionals. While most photographers are comfortable with traditional western wedding photography, Your Wedding Photography is experienced with Indian weddings, too.

We know that these weddings are very different to the typical western wedding. There are usually more traditions and wedding customs to be followed, the event is longer, and here are key moments that you’ll want to immortalize for the rest of your life. We are experienced in identifying these moments so that you’re free to focus on your friends, family, and new spouse, on the day.

Another major difference between Indian and western weddings is that the former tend to be more colourful. Your wedding album should reflect the tradition and uniqueness of the day without compromising on or affecting the overall theme of this all important occasion.