We started Your Wedding Photography in 2010 after attending two separate weddings, as guests. On both occasions, we noticed that the wedding photographer took photos in the style they wanted, and ignored the couple’s preferences. First wedding was a pretty traditional event. The wedding pictures had a fun, quirky and energetic quality. But they simply were not shot in the appropriate style because they did not reflect the mood of the occasion.

The second wedding was for a couple of heavy metal rockers. They were disappointed with their wedding pictures because they turned out to be too traditional in style – they would have been much more suitable for what the first couple had requested! And we thought, we could have done a much better job ourselves… why not start our own wedding photography agency! We designed a thorough consultation process so we can really understand our own clients’ expectations and never go off brief.

As a leading wedding photographer and wedding videographer, we listen to what YOU want in terms of style. Our aim is to capture your wedding’s each and every decisive moment so you’ll treasure these precious memories for years to come.