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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography: Most weddings take years of planning yet the day can fly by and feel like it’s over in a heartbeat. That’s why it’s so important to capture those moments and not just the moments you expected, but the ones that appeared by magic.

The ones where Aunty Pat gets out her hanky or where nephew Jake sticks his fingers into the cake three hours too early. Along with the shots of the car, the church, and the other moments of record, these are the images that you’ll have forever

Wedding Photography: Decisive Moments

Signing the registry; Walking down the aisle; Cutting the cake; The first dance… These are truly unforgettable moments at a wedding. Justly so, many wedding pictures revolve around these capital and decisive moments.

Choose Your Wedding Photography Style

Browse our wedding photography styles to help you decide the one you’d like on your big day. We’re totally flexible, you can either select one particular style or mix and match. Or maybe you’d like a style that’s not listed? No problem, just let us know which style is right for you…

Wedding Video

Investing in a professional wedding video is definitely worth it. If “a picture paints a thousand words”, then video tells millions of them! Photography alone is no substitute to the drama and emotion of moving pictures.