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Every package includes:

– Up to 8 hours coverage (more time can be added on request)
– 300 edited images minimum (average is usually around 500)
– Between 30-100 FREE 6×4 prints for each guest – depending on package type (terms apply).
– Unlimited license so you can have your pictures printed by anyone (not just us)
– Password protected gallery for you and your friends 

Why choose Your Wedding Photography

– Save time: All your wedding photography needs under one roof!
– Save money thanks to our Price & Package Match service
– Clear contracts so you’re fully protected
– All images are in full resolution & without watermarks
– Easy to share with family & friends: All images are downloadable on either a DVD, USB memory stick or a Cloud based service
– All images safely secure and backed up

Our Wedding photography portfolio

View our different styles to find the one that you want…

  • Picasso Wedding Photography


    If you are looking for uniqueness then our Picasso style of unique wedding photography is a great compliment to any portfolio and can produce an...
  • Natural Wedding Photography, wedding, wedding photography-325

    A natural wedding photography is our favorite style Photography at your wedding and we think it’s important for any good wedding portfolio. True...
  • Classic Wedding Photography, wedding, wedding photography-260

    Classic wedding photography is normally the most important part of any wedding portfolio.The key is to get the right people, standing in the right...
  • The Two of Us


    Photos between two people are different from solo shots because they reflect the dynamic of the relationship. These shots are not limited to bride...
  • Fun Wedding Photography


    A fun style of photography isn’t for everyone and if you want a collection of photos that you can look back at and not laugh at then choosing a fun...
  • Professional Kids Photography


    Kids are great to take pictures of as they are totally self-expressed, unbounded and reflect the happiest moments of the day.We offer great...
  • Up Close


    Having photos that are taken up close can capture details at your wedding which can be easily missed. It might be the arrangement of a bunch of...
  • Asian Wedding Photography, wedding photography-220

    Indian weddings are different compared to traditional weddings, there are more colorful, they normally last longer and there are certain customs...
  • Portrait photography


    Portrait Photography reflect the mood of the wedding and can give you a good insight into a person’s character. The key to getting a great...

Decisive Moments – Wedding Photography

When you just know…

At Your Wedding we know how to capture the decisive moments. We plan ahead for every wedding we attend to make sure we never miss a decisive moments. A decisive moment can be the first loving look that a bride gives her groom the second they are officially married, a smile of pride from the parents of the bride and groom or a laugh stemming from a private joke shared between a bridesmaid and best man. Essentially a decisive moment is a natural reflection of emotion which encapsulates the entire mood of the day within one photo. Wedding Photography is all about capturing the moments that matter. We make sure that we capture these moments.Learn More

Free wedding photography prints

For yourself and every one of your guests

Every client of ours and each of their guests can get between 30 to 100 Wedding Photography Free Prints.

As long as each person hasn’t used our supplier before and they have an email address then they’ll be eligible for the offer. After the wedding we ask our clients for a list of email addresses of the people they would like to put forward for the offer. We’ll send this email list to our supplier and they 

will send each person an email, sharing our client’s wedding photos and inviting each person to sign up for a free account. Once they’ve done this then they can choose between 30 to 100 photos that were taken at our client’s wedding to receive for free.

For example if you put 100 people forward for the offer and you passed on all of their email addresses and none of them had used our supplier before in the past then the number of free prints could potentially total up to 10,000. 

Our offer normally creates more questions than answers as it sounds too good to be true so we’ve tried to answer the most commonly asked questions for you here.

If you’re still left with unanswered questions about this offer or you would like to try the offer before going ahead with a booking then feel free to contact us and we’ll answer any questions that you might have.


More Information & FAQs

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Our Services : Wedding Photography/photographer

Our wedding photography packages and more…

  • Quick and easy


    Includes 8 hours coverage, at least 300 edited images in full resolution, without branding, free prints for guests and online client area. Click to find out…

  • Photographer’s Choice


    Everything from the Quick and Easy package, plus either have all edited photos printed, canvas print or thank you cards for your guests. Click to find out more…

  • Silver Package


    Includes everything in our first two packages plus we’ll produce a 90 page, 29.5cm x 29.5cm photo album for you as well. Click here to find out more…

  • Platinum Package


    For clients who are looking to make an investment with their album, where only the very best will do. Click here to find out more…

  • Create Your Own


    Don’t see what you’re looking for with our packages? Let us know what you want and we’ll put together a package right for you. Click to find out more…

  • Videography


    Every wedding video we create for our clients is done working to a detailed client brief. Click to find out more…

  • Price Match


    We will try and at very least match (if not beat) the offering from any other photographer, on both price and package contents. Click here to find out more…

  • Paypal/Credit Card


    For your peace of mind we’re happy to accept payment via Paypal, debit card or credit card. Click here to find out more…

  • Meetings


    We are happy to have either a virtual or a face-to-face meeting with you, before a booking is confirmed. Click here to find out more…

Wedding videography

Our clients include Fox, Universal and Warner…

Every wedding video we create for our clients is done working to a detailed client brief, so we make sure we give the client exactly what they’re looking for. When we provide Wedding Videography for our clients we pool resources from our sister company Seriously Funny Productions, who create promotional films for theatrical and home entertainment releases, working for the likes of Fox, Universal and Warner Brothers. We quote individually for every wedding video, because everyone is different.Learn More


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